Petri Halttunen Visual artist/visual arts teacher/musician

CV/artist statement 

Petri Halttunen (Valma Art Finland) 

Lassenpolku 4  54800 Savitaipale p.0405321572 

born 25.05.1964Kristiinakaupunki 

schools: Elementary school and high school Suonenjoki 1983                                                              Kindergarten teacher Kajaani OKL University of Oulu 1988                                                    Master of Arts University of Lapland/Faculty of Arts 1997 

work:     Kindergarten teacher, Niirala kindergarten, Kuopio 1988-1991                                                Art teacher , Savitaipale municipality, Europaeus school, Savitaipale high school                 and Savitaipale civic college 15.6 .since 1997.                                                                         On leave of absence from teaching work from January 1, 2021.

Valma Art Finland: Nickname in my visual art work, for which I have established a business name. 

Vireystila: My project on the music side, which is also related to my works.

I have previously made art alongside my work as a teacher over the course of several years, but in recent years (from 2021) I have focused more on my own artistic production, exhibition activities and bringing my works to a larger audience as well, because making art is my passion. I also make music, compositions and lyrics, which I also connect to the works I make. The music pieces are written in Finnish and English and they become one with the paintings through their moods, thoughts and contents. I also want the art exhibition to be an art event that can be experienced in many different ways.

 I mainly do acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. The sources of inspiration for my works are nature and colors, lights and shadows, which also create different moods. Mystique, the invisible becoming visible, and various elements connecting colors and music are often found in my works. I dedicate some of my paintings to musical pieces that I made myself, which with their compositions and lyrics are in the same spirit as the works. Stories and pictures ring in certain colors, usually creating slightly melancholic tones in both my visual art and my music. My works are also often different memories, life events, flashbacks and stories about the subjects that I personally consider worth photographing.

Private exhibitions: 

20.3.2007 Savitaipale municipal hall "Landscapes"                                 SAVITAIPALE

9.9-9.10.2007 Suonenjoki library "Landscapes"                                       SUONENJOKI

1-10 July 2019 Old post office: pop up cafe event                                                  "figurative and abstract"                                                                           SAVITAIPALE  

1- 30.4.2022 Mai-Art Gallery: "I am invisible, am I?"                                  LAPPEENRANTA

30 May-19 June 2022 Taidekeskus Ahjo: "I am invisible, am I?"              JOENSUU

1- 28.8.2022 Savitaipale library: "I am invisible, am I?"                                  

14.9-10.10.2022 Wallenius Wapriikki: "I am invisible, am I?"                      JUUPAJOKI

10.1 - 2.4.2023 Omenamäki service center "I am invisible, am I?"             PORVOO                                                                                                                                                          10.1 - 2.4.2023 Pääskypelto service home "Rusty beauties with soul"     PORVOO

29.4.–1.6.2023 Joensuu City Theater :                                                                           "WHO WOULD BE AFRAID OF THE BAD WOLF"                                                            Petri Halttunen's acrylic paintings 2nd floor warm (private exhibition)    JOENSUU 

5.6 - 18.6.2023 Space 81 "My stage" Paintings and installations               TURKU

2.5 - 31.8.2023 Animal clinic Loime corridor-gallery:                                                      "Tassuja ja siipiä"                                                                                        LAPPEENRANTA

Joint exhibitions: 

1.-31.6 2011 Folk Art Association exhibition:                                                                        Art Paimensaari "Landscapes"                                                                  SAVITAIPALE    

 22.6-30.7.2021 Summer Art Weeks 21 Gallery Pihatto                                                         "I am invisible, am I?"                                                                                LAPPEENRANTA 

22.6-29.7.2022 Summer Art Weeks 22 Gallery Pihatto                                                Butterflies, geckos and other insects"                                                      LAPPEENRANTA 

1.7-31.8.2022 Taideolohuone Katariina                                                                    Butterflies, geckos and other insects"                                                      LAPPEENRANTA 

17.11. 2022-11.2.2023 Joensuu Art Loan Agency "Lifeline" exhibition.                       Joensuu City Theater                                                                              JOENSUU

15-20-11.2022 Christmas sales exhibition                                                              Taidekeskus ITÄ                                                                                       LAPPEENRANTA 

24.11 - 22.12 exhibition of new members art center ITÄ.                                                 "from the forest to the hut"                                                                    LAPPEENRANTA 

5.5 - 21.5.2023 In the world. Vyborg Artists' Society                                                      92nd annual exhibition at the Cable Factory.                                          HELSINKI

02-05 - 31 August 2023 Hallway Gallery,                                                                      Animal Clinic Loime Oil-acrylic paintings                                                 LAPPEENRANTA 

15.6 - 30.9.2023 Exhibition Center Kitee.                                                KITEE

15.8. - 27.8.2023 Suomen Taiteilijat ry 55th annual exhibition                HELSINKI

Metsä - Kaakko 22/23-exhibition

Art museum 30.9.2023 - 14.1.2024                                                       LAPPEENRANTA

Art teaching work 

Art teacher Europaeus school 1997-2021.  2024 -                                 SAVITAIPALE 

Art teacher Savitaipale high school 1997-2021. 2024 -                          SAVITAIPALE

Fine arts teacher Savitaipale civic college: 

Oil painting 1997-2021. 2024 -                                                                 SAVITAIPALE

Other projects related to visual arts 

Implementation of the Art bench                                                                                        for the dream year of culture to friendship park.                                                        Spring-summer 2023                                                                              JOENSUU

Coming in 2023-24  

8.7 - 28.7.2024 "My stage" (Life's stage)                                                                      Kytö/Liekki-tila.  Art Center Ahjo                                                          JOENSUU

Commission work: large-scale painting 2024                                       SWEDEN, GRÄDDÖ

Works elsewhere: 

Hospital-artotheque Southern Karelia Central Hospital                       LAPPEENRANTA

Kaakko art loan/Art center ITÄ                                                            LAPPEENRANTA  

Joensuu art loan and online store                                                       JOENSUU

Animal clinic : Loime                                                                   LAPPEENRANTA

Mai Art Gallery                                                                           LAPPEENRANTA

Private collections: 





South Karelia Artists Association                                                           LAPPEENRANTA  

Joensuu Artist Association                                                                    JOENSUU 

Kotka Artist Association                                                                        KOTKA

Suomen Taiteilijat ry.                                                                              HELSINKI 

Viipuri  Artist Association ry.                                                                  HELSINKI

Kuvasto ry. 

Teosto ry. 


September 2023 artist of the month                                                                          Suomen taiteilijat ry.                                                                              HELSINKI